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Mouse Attack_27x18cm_100dpi.jpg

The Henchmice of

Who Done It House


Pastel on board


91 x 60

The End Of The Affair-14 x20cm_72dpi.jpg



Pastel on Paper


85 x 59

The Second Coming (2).jpg

The Second Coming
Anti war art - 2004

Pastel on pastel bord
85 x 59

Oil Sea Sunshine Come Save.jpg

Oil Sea Sunshine

Come Save Me

Oil on bored


Bubble Trouble


Ink on paper

67 x 57 cm

Trapped with Swanee Jazz 72dpi_Carl_Haor

The Swannee Jazz band


Biro on paper


29 x 42

Turks Drawing 6 72 dpi.JPG

Day Trippers

Ink & biro


36 x 34 cm


The Big Squeeze

Ink & Bio on paper


30 x 42 cm

A Weak Monday


Made on an Iphone 4 

The Telling Of Beautiful Untrue Things_A

The Telling Of Beautiful Untrue Things




91 x 61 cm

The lost Art Of Dreaming_19x24cm_72dpi.j

The Lost Art Of Dreaming


Acrylic on board


57 x 72

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